AG体育官网 has been a symbol of quality education in the Albany area for over a century, having first opened its doors as the Academy of the Notre Dame on September 10, 1884

Today the quality of education at the Academy continues to flourish. Holy Names students have the opportunity to participate in an academic program featuring flexible scheduling, 跨学科的课程, 服务, and technology as well as extracurricular activities including student government, 出版物和校际体育. While continuing their commitment to tradition, 这所学校, with a middle school division for grades 6-8 and a high school division for grades 9-12, continues to move ahead in new directions. The 2023-24 academic year marks the 140th anniversary of AG体育官网.

我们的战斗奠基人: 从1880年到1884年, five French-speaking Sisters of the Holy Names, 刚从加拿大来, attempted to establish a school in Albany. 姐妹们不知道, 在他们到来之前, the Bishop of Albany had promised another area Catholic school that any school the French nuns established would not compete for students, but be restricted to enrolling only children of Canadian families.

但是修女们坚持. In 1884, they opened their academy on Hamilton Street in Albany, moving a year later to 628 Madison Avenue, 这所学校’s home for the next eight decades.

吉布森女孩时代: The Academy of Notre Dame became AG体育官网 in 1899. This was the era defined by the “Gibson Girl,一个理想化的新女性,“谁, 根据美国国会图书馆的数据, pursued higher education and the arts (along with romance and marriage) in equal measure with physical well-being.

我们的年鉴讲述了一个故事: In 1910, students at the AG体育官网 published 这所学校’s first yearbook, “Cheer.在它的页面上, students joke about cramming for final exams, their fear of the dreaded “wavelength experiment” in physics, their busy schedule of concerts and dramatic productions, 万圣节化妆舞会的乐趣,圣诞假期结束时,他哭着说, 参加无数的礼拜仪式, 演出, 和撤退.

Except for the horse-drawn sleigh rides perhaps, all these events are familiar to students today.

一项运动可以统治所有运动: Basketball was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891. Here was a sport girls could play (though at half court with slightly modified rules) even in gyms like that at 628 Madison Avenue, with its 11-foot ceilings and exposed water pipes! By 1912, with the founding of the Amateur Athletic Association (A. A. A.), basketball was played hard at AHN with a JV team and two Varsity teams.

对混乱世界的一致反应: 在20世纪20年代早期, in reaction to the more revealing fashions then coming into style, uniforms became common at Catholic schools across the country. Uniforms were more than simply a way to ensure modesty. 在过去的几十年中, enrollment in Catholic schools had grown to include immigrants from many countries and traditions. 制服消除了经济差异, 表示在一个社区中享有平等的成员资格, and allowed students to bond as a youthful cohort through their high school years.

628和1075在第二次世界大战后的岁月里, and continuing unabated into the middle of the 1960s, the population of school age children in 美国 exploded. 那是婴儿潮时期! 在20世纪60年代中期的几年里, the Sisters of the Holy Names operated two high schools in the city of Albany, one at its original home at 628 Madison Avenue, 另一个在新苏格兰路1075号

FROM THE BABY BOOM TO MARYLROSE AND BACK: In 1957, 花费900美元,000英镑(相当于大约10美元),000,今天的000), the Sisters of the Holy Names built a brand-new campus on property they owned at 1075 New Scotland Road and moved 这所学校’s 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade classes to the new facility. 为了纪念玛丽·罗斯母亲, the new high school at 1075 New Scotland Road was rechristened Marylrose Academy.

As the Baby Boom (finally) began to subside in the early 1970s, the Sisters were able to honor their legacy and the legacy of generations of graduates by naming their high school at 1075 New Scotland Road the AG体育官网 Upper School and renaming the elementary school AG体育官网 Lower/中学.

当然, 给一定年龄的毕业生,” the high school at 1075 New Scotland Road will always be remembered as Marylrose.

安哲秀加入殖民协议会。 In 1984, AHN joined the Colonial Council League. In addition to its historic programs in basketball, 排球, 足球, 垒球, track, 网球, 和啦啦队, 在接下来的几年里, 安哲秀增加了长曲棍球, 高尔夫球, 高山滑雪和游泳.

在一次重大的资本扩张中, AHN在2004年新建了一个体育馆, 2023年, 介绍了新的体育吉祥物, 黑豹潘妮

GENERATIONS CONNECTED THROUGH TRADITIONS: 仪式的年度循环, culminating with Baccalaureate and Graduation, 是AHN体验的核心.

经历了将近一个半世纪, AG体育官网 has offered its students an environment of respect, 爱, 和理解, where individual women are recognized and celebrated, 信仰在哪里得到实践和深化, 也是女人找到交流的地方, 在这里有特殊含义的词.

Essi quam videri. 存在,而不是看起来.


THE REMARKABLE LEGACY OF MOTHER MARIE ROSE: Eulalie Durocher was born in 1811 at Saint Antoine-sur-Richelieu in Quebec, Canada. 十个孩子中最小的, Eulalie was first taught at home by her mother, and later briefly attended boarding school. 在那里,她梦想成为一名修女. But at 18, Eulalie’s mother died and family duty called. Her brother, a priest, asked her to manage his rectory.

Hearing of her managerial skills and her deep faith, the Bishop of Montreal invited Eulalie to found a religious teaching community – the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. 以玛丽·罗斯母亲的名义, Eulalie recruited nearly a dozen women for their community in the first year. By the time of her death in 1849 (at just 38 years old), 44 nuns had joined the order. 到20世纪60年代, the Sisters of the Holy Names maintained convents, 在加拿大的学院和免费走读学校, 美国, 非洲, 和南美洲.